Monday, November 29, 2010

Just finished 90% of the stinger chopper concept , extremely happy with the 3d model of it just another 2 more vehicles to model

Finished stinger chopper model with wheels and all not happy with the landing gear but Ive maxed out my poly count with 56K faces on these coms thats too much for it to handle even


  1. The elongated front of this chopper is unusual and works really well. I also like shape of the cover over the back rotor.

    I think if i didnt do Transport Design i may have done Entertainment Design. your right it seems there is a lot more freedom within your course especially in terms of boundaries with engineering and design. Your not alone on the perspective hatered front! You can show a lot more in perspective but sometimes it can be such a annoyance to sketch.

    The new technique on the alpha was more about using hatching in a different way to what i usually do. Normally when i add tone i do it similarly to the technique you see on the banner of my blog. I think it may be useful to use different styles.

    Ive never heard of any design schools in Aus. Are there many?

  2. oh im doing animation but im more interested in entertainment design like concept , i do mainly environments and vehicles thats what im good at but try to get into characters now

    But ur course is something ud be able to branch over

    Dont think there are any here Feng Zhu school of design is in Singapore though

  3. ah i see. Animation is so cool. I absolutely love animations. Is your course mainly focused on 2D animations or 3D animation? I guess with your course you can easily go into entertainment design as the content would compliment each other well.

    So when you graduate do you want to stay in Aus or work elsewhere?

  4. Im from Malaysia originally so yea I would love to stay here or go to somewhere to better my skills just so that i can be doing what I enjoy , well we focus more on animation but to be honest my uni is shit coms cant handle anything detailed their grahpic design department are really good but for the 3d animation site its crap , the reason why im doing things my way course i got tired of the uni

  5. Ah i see. Sometimes its better to do things your own way. The results seem very good so far anyway! Is it a 4 year course?

  6. Naw its a 3 year course and first year we didnt do any 3d the course is a joke

  7. no 3d in the first year?! Seems very odd! By the way one of my tutors is also an animator and worked for an animation company before he did Transport Design so if you need any help let me know and i will put you in contact with him.

    So how long do you have left for your current project?

  8. Well its a year but im starting on it now course ive got so much to do especially since ive got modelling the character - zbrushing him , then modelling the scene , come to think i need to story board after that , lil bit more modelling here and there then texturing all of it , lighting them , then rigging for both the vehicle and human chracters and lastly animating even then the headache doesnt stop then its the rendering if u do 3d that is probably the most boring stage lastly is the compositing so doing some matte paintings for that - Im trying to do as much as i can as in terms of concept art before everything