Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter times

Pretty bored alone at home missing home a bit , so I thought Id just do some drawings to practice up the skills of the pen and pencil I must say it has been better every time I start drawing now . Waiting on some games that I've bought on ebay just to keep my mind busy and not just laze around the house

Just a short one tonight , practice makes perfect as all the greats to say simple but effective advise practice , practice and more practice makes you better everyday yet so many people just wont follow what a pity . I choose not too follow that road any longer and change and practice up my drawings and pray a lot more to God course he has been bringing the blessing in my way since the time I was asked to go to aussie I have faith in him providing course he has always been there even when I have been at my worst .

"In Dues Ego Fides" a personal saying between me and the big man

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Start Of the Concept

I have just done some quick thumbnail sketches on my deviant art page www.deviantart/maks-23/ which was very liberating though it wasnt sharp course i did it on such a small size canvas so when upsized it got blurry well in future I will redo this pics probably was just a test after being inspired by artist such as Feng Zhu , Scott Robertson , Ryan Church . Learning from thier dvds have help me tremendously in my enviroment design and vehicle concepts.

I will have to start drawing cars soon course drawing space crafts is fun but doesnt push my full potential as I know can do better .

As for assignments thank God that ive finished up most of the first ones due and now Ive got this second one for my creative people and practices course which I find a bit daunting of a task as im not a good writer but will see how that fairs out

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Outcome

Well the the first assignment has come back which wasnt what I thought I would have gotten kinda sucked but at least it was a pass guess that has to be the cushioning . As for today its time to submit my other subjects like animation & motion graphics which I think its better then the first time and with time I can improve my skills and im going to be adding the links to my previous exercises .

Drawing for design is also due today just got a couple of things minor but little bit of time consuming but beats doing normal subjects like maths and shites like that.Im hoping I get a pass on this and probably a credit or distinction ha if im good enough

For the still picture done in photoshop -
Temporal Montage if im not mistaken -

Words with audio exercise -

Masking -

Mad Mack Ad -

Lamb of God (Wrath) Favourite band and final project 1 -

Friday, April 3, 2009

In the six week stressed the hell out not because of assignments but of other factors but I think the assignments are helping get through it pretty well . As for my motion graphics class I must say I'm a lot more happier with the outcome compared to the first time I did it but it still requires a lot of practice to make it better for now I'm going to leave it I will be uploading all my assignments for evaluation . As for my other subjects I think their all going pretty well I hope to be getting good results on them. My drawing abilities have improved a lot more compared to back then I have learn to draw more confidently even with scribble and value to get the distancing from close to further. For my Animation in motion graphics compared to when I first started I've learn to do many other thing which will help me in areas in the future

So far just waiting on my PS3 cable so I can start playing the bloody thing . Hopefully get a place to stay by then and relax course work load isn't the problem just factors I cant control