Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now just for a brief overview on how my animation & motion graphics has been going . The first few exercises taught me a fail good amount of what can be done in adobe after effects . And as the weeks have flown by so has my creativity in all my other assignments and then thinking of things I could do in after effects. I have learnt alot in a short time . I may not be an editor but now I know the roughly the where is what in after effects the ones that I would be using mostly and some of the how to's which I guess is the start and continuation to the future . My works I have done aren't much for now but its gives me a brief knowledge needed for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its been a couple of days getting stressed and scared of what if im not able but still going to try and get it all done can't afford to fuck up . Everything seems to be crumbling building up crumbling building up trying to get a job is been quite a emotionally draining experience . The uni work is fine even though a lot is being given which has help stir up the creative juices . Even something I have done before it shows how i've matured up since when i was in SAE back in 2004 . I can say i've improved alot but I still am no where near how to be the top . I know patience is needed but its frustrating .

Im about to install after effects on my laptop after delaying course I need to buck up on this subject course it is a very fun tool , and has alot of potential to it and it be better for my class work too . My first assignment was ok , nothing to shout about but got me off to a start

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I know this was meant for just my assignment but somehow I think i've found this to be quite liberating writing about my assignment and how I feel about them . I find my drawing becoming better everyday I do practice in terms of shading , learning to draw interesting composition getting proper proportions . There is still a lot of room for improvement to better my skills which is going to prove valuable for animation later on .

As for after effects im going to be installing that for my laptop so i can practice at home . After effects is a very powerful program for making video presentation as i've come to realize and is a strong tool for making a still object and adding dynamics and movement for lively which im going to practice up before my next assignment.

Visual communication is by far the second toughest but easier then People and Practices as Im not too found of the research bit but hey everyone gotta do it , no point complaining about it Ive learnt course you end up being last if you do

And also through games ive been playing on my PS3 seeing how they all tie up to what im doing now and how in future I will be using this when I do get into making games .

Thats all for now back to perseverance and dedication on to becoming a well rounded artist.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter times

Pretty bored alone at home missing home a bit , so I thought Id just do some drawings to practice up the skills of the pen and pencil I must say it has been better every time I start drawing now . Waiting on some games that I've bought on ebay just to keep my mind busy and not just laze around the house

Just a short one tonight , practice makes perfect as all the greats to say simple but effective advise practice , practice and more practice makes you better everyday yet so many people just wont follow what a pity . I choose not too follow that road any longer and change and practice up my drawings and pray a lot more to God course he has been bringing the blessing in my way since the time I was asked to go to aussie I have faith in him providing course he has always been there even when I have been at my worst .

"In Dues Ego Fides" a personal saying between me and the big man

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Start Of the Concept

I have just done some quick thumbnail sketches on my deviant art page www.deviantart/maks-23/ which was very liberating though it wasnt sharp course i did it on such a small size canvas so when upsized it got blurry well in future I will redo this pics probably was just a test after being inspired by artist such as Feng Zhu , Scott Robertson , Ryan Church . Learning from thier dvds have help me tremendously in my enviroment design and vehicle concepts.

I will have to start drawing cars soon course drawing space crafts is fun but doesnt push my full potential as I know can do better .

As for assignments thank God that ive finished up most of the first ones due and now Ive got this second one for my creative people and practices course which I find a bit daunting of a task as im not a good writer but will see how that fairs out

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Outcome

Well the the first assignment has come back which wasnt what I thought I would have gotten kinda sucked but at least it was a pass guess that has to be the cushioning . As for today its time to submit my other subjects like animation & motion graphics which I think its better then the first time and with time I can improve my skills and im going to be adding the links to my previous exercises .

Drawing for design is also due today just got a couple of things minor but little bit of time consuming but beats doing normal subjects like maths and shites like that.Im hoping I get a pass on this and probably a credit or distinction ha if im good enough

For the still picture done in photoshop -
Temporal Montage if im not mistaken -

Words with audio exercise -

Masking -

Mad Mack Ad -

Lamb of God (Wrath) Favourite band and final project 1 -

Friday, April 3, 2009

In the six week stressed the hell out not because of assignments but of other factors but I think the assignments are helping get through it pretty well . As for my motion graphics class I must say I'm a lot more happier with the outcome compared to the first time I did it but it still requires a lot of practice to make it better for now I'm going to leave it I will be uploading all my assignments for evaluation . As for my other subjects I think their all going pretty well I hope to be getting good results on them. My drawing abilities have improved a lot more compared to back then I have learn to draw more confidently even with scribble and value to get the distancing from close to further. For my Animation in motion graphics compared to when I first started I've learn to do many other thing which will help me in areas in the future

So far just waiting on my PS3 cable so I can start playing the bloody thing . Hopefully get a place to stay by then and relax course work load isn't the problem just factors I cant control

Monday, March 30, 2009

Its been two weeks now I havent blogged just been busy with looking for a place and doing assignments . The animation and motion graphics has been a quick easy job so far just making the thing look interesting is the only problem im facing but it will get alot easier after I start practicing more and checking tutorials to see what there is to offer

Its a quick one this week cant wait to move and and get my ps3 which I just got peace out and good will to God and every bod out there .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second entry just finished the works on Animation & Motion Graphics was a pain in the ass listening to rambling words but the animating text part was fun I must say which is how i manage to actually sit down and finish it.

Did life drawing too which was hard but was a really new thing to me . Getting the propotions rite was the hardest part like the legs would end up too short or the ass be too big or the back be bigger then the legs but at the ed of the day I think it was a really great experience and cant wait to do more of it.

Think im done drafting on my profile thingy but gotta wait for the teach to shoot me with her email and pick out the itty gritty details , gotta wait and see how that goes

Visual com was fun though its probably the biggest work load so far but really think my ideas should one of a kind hehe

Well thats all for now from MAKS

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Start of this

Well what can I say its been a tiring week assignment pilled up and eventhough its pilling I would have to say its interesting so far. Doing drawings , learning adobe after effects , abstract about the practice slowly but sure this long journey will be a tough one but eventually I will get there. For the abode after effects two weeks of tutorials and its been interesting moving pics and text for some up in your face movement. Doing GIF files for movement of a hand to open to closed fist and random lines to show movement , force and all those sort of things.

This week is life drawing wonder how that is going to turn out . Its a new thing for me never have had to do that , oh well lets see how that goes.And this blogging thing is a new thing for me also