Friday, October 29, 2010

Yes so its finally done after a long process with many changes from my initial idea even though i did model alot of stuff and learning alot from cutting my scene into lil chunks did alot of post production work in after effects to add to the dystopic effect of a town . Would have like to green screen myself into the scene but ran out of the time but im pretty pleased with the overall outcome of this entire project definitely has made me more interested in this subject as a career for my future below are some of the things that ive done

This was the matte painting background that I had used alot of photos but repeating the back which was very much inspired from a very inspiring person to me Dylan Cole's matte painting of the lava city

This was the scene semi textured i did take a pic of it fully textured with all the elements for the fact that the computers couldnt handle it as a whole


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