Thursday, December 2, 2010

So just a reminder for me to do list for what I need to get done in this post. I have to model up 4 environments so first would be a corridor leading to some sort of secret debriefing room , second is a hangar scene with the slingshotter as the chracter's vehicle he must use , third is a enemy base and lastly a scenery of a field with the character main vehicle

Story is set 40 years into the future and the scenery is scene is set 25 years after that where the world has no more countries more on two factions still figuring out what I would call them and the genral population . Main character is about late 40's male , second character is hot chick , third is a mechnanic in the hangar scene and the last is a ruthless general in the second scene

Other secondary concepts that I need to get done is the main chracter's rifle , base turrets for the enemy base

Pipeline processes that are invovled after this has been done is the modelling which I have gotten two for the vehicle ( need to draw perspective drawings for them still ) . The next step us texturing these vehicles , character and scene . Third process is the rigging for the vehicles such as set driven keys and other associated attributes for vehicle rigging , chracter rigging which is definately a much more pain then the vehicles . Lighting to be done also after this and then its the animating process and then rendering the most unfun part of this all course its a waiting process . I can practice on my drawing skills in that time and probably do some modelling on the side . Lastly will be animating and compositing and doing some matte painting for the scenes .

At the end the final product is something I hope I pull of and thanks to God so far ive manage to pull through even with a few setbacks here and there


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