Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a quick update on this project I'm very happy with the progression of it , the vehicles are looking good just one more vehicle to finish off and the vehicles are done , the scenes however need more work as thier still more like a WIP then a finished model so going to work on a lil bit more on that still got 2 more scene to. model up and texture and finally I will move on the characters got bout 5 of them need to zbrush them . So thanx to God for getting me this far I know I definitely wouldn't have been able to keep pushing my self if I didn't have him in the back of my head showing me all the artist around with their good works pushing me in the right directions . Big thanks goes out to him

And off to do some work now peace peeps

And Brissy is at a high flood level so God bless the people that are working around the clock to get stuff done and to the people everyone seems to be pulling together , As much as it is a bad thing but it shows that human always come together in times of disaster's which is how humanity has manage to survive before going back to their natural habits , so yes there is good in this all even though some people have lost their life but it brings the bonds of humanity back as we are normally too busy with our own lives to care about another


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