Thursday, March 10, 2011

So onward to my next assignment which is a real time 3d subject which is going to be about me doing an interactive product visualization . This project is going to be based on a concept car drawing inspirations from Pagani Zonda , Lamborghini Aventador and the classic McLaren F1 which for me is by far one of the sexiest design super car ever

So there will be two versions of this car a normal package and a race edition package.

Concept art
Car Sketch
Interior Concepts
Engine Concepts
Rim Concept

In terms of the overall there will be a showroom part which allows a person to step into the car , turn it on , check out the engine and check out the interior.
Potential clients will be able to make color choices for interior and exterior.
They will also be able to choose from number of rim designs for this car.

May implement touch screen capabilities if it isn't hard to do.


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