Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second entry just finished the works on Animation & Motion Graphics was a pain in the ass listening to rambling words but the animating text part was fun I must say which is how i manage to actually sit down and finish it.

Did life drawing too which was hard but was a really new thing to me . Getting the propotions rite was the hardest part like the legs would end up too short or the ass be too big or the back be bigger then the legs but at the ed of the day I think it was a really great experience and cant wait to do more of it.

Think im done drafting on my profile thingy but gotta wait for the teach to shoot me with her email and pick out the itty gritty details , gotta wait and see how that goes

Visual com was fun though its probably the biggest work load so far but really think my ideas should one of a kind hehe

Well thats all for now from MAKS


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