Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its been a couple of days getting stressed and scared of what if im not able but still going to try and get it all done can't afford to fuck up . Everything seems to be crumbling building up crumbling building up trying to get a job is been quite a emotionally draining experience . The uni work is fine even though a lot is being given which has help stir up the creative juices . Even something I have done before it shows how i've matured up since when i was in SAE back in 2004 . I can say i've improved alot but I still am no where near how to be the top . I know patience is needed but its frustrating .

Im about to install after effects on my laptop after delaying course I need to buck up on this subject course it is a very fun tool , and has alot of potential to it and it be better for my class work too . My first assignment was ok , nothing to shout about but got me off to a start


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