Sunday, May 3, 2009

I know this was meant for just my assignment but somehow I think i've found this to be quite liberating writing about my assignment and how I feel about them . I find my drawing becoming better everyday I do practice in terms of shading , learning to draw interesting composition getting proper proportions . There is still a lot of room for improvement to better my skills which is going to prove valuable for animation later on .

As for after effects im going to be installing that for my laptop so i can practice at home . After effects is a very powerful program for making video presentation as i've come to realize and is a strong tool for making a still object and adding dynamics and movement for lively which im going to practice up before my next assignment.

Visual communication is by far the second toughest but easier then People and Practices as Im not too found of the research bit but hey everyone gotta do it , no point complaining about it Ive learnt course you end up being last if you do

And also through games ive been playing on my PS3 seeing how they all tie up to what im doing now and how in future I will be using this when I do get into making games .

Thats all for now back to perseverance and dedication on to becoming a well rounded artist.


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