Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter times

Pretty bored alone at home missing home a bit , so I thought Id just do some drawings to practice up the skills of the pen and pencil I must say it has been better every time I start drawing now . Waiting on some games that I've bought on ebay just to keep my mind busy and not just laze around the house

Just a short one tonight , practice makes perfect as all the greats to say simple but effective advise practice , practice and more practice makes you better everyday yet so many people just wont follow what a pity . I choose not too follow that road any longer and change and practice up my drawings and pray a lot more to God course he has been bringing the blessing in my way since the time I was asked to go to aussie I have faith in him providing course he has always been there even when I have been at my worst .

"In Dues Ego Fides" a personal saying between me and the big man


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