Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Start Of the Concept

I have just done some quick thumbnail sketches on my deviant art page www.deviantart/maks-23/ which was very liberating though it wasnt sharp course i did it on such a small size canvas so when upsized it got blurry well in future I will redo this pics probably was just a test after being inspired by artist such as Feng Zhu , Scott Robertson , Ryan Church . Learning from thier dvds have help me tremendously in my enviroment design and vehicle concepts.

I will have to start drawing cars soon course drawing space crafts is fun but doesnt push my full potential as I know can do better .

As for assignments thank God that ive finished up most of the first ones due and now Ive got this second one for my creative people and practices course which I find a bit daunting of a task as im not a good writer but will see how that fairs out


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