Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Outcome

Well the the first assignment has come back which wasnt what I thought I would have gotten kinda sucked but at least it was a pass guess that has to be the cushioning . As for today its time to submit my other subjects like animation & motion graphics which I think its better then the first time and with time I can improve my skills and im going to be adding the links to my previous exercises .

Drawing for design is also due today just got a couple of things minor but little bit of time consuming but beats doing normal subjects like maths and shites like that.Im hoping I get a pass on this and probably a credit or distinction ha if im good enough

For the still picture done in photoshop -
Temporal Montage if im not mistaken -

Words with audio exercise -

Masking -

Mad Mack Ad -

Lamb of God (Wrath) Favourite band and final project 1 -


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