Friday, April 3, 2009

In the six week stressed the hell out not because of assignments but of other factors but I think the assignments are helping get through it pretty well . As for my motion graphics class I must say I'm a lot more happier with the outcome compared to the first time I did it but it still requires a lot of practice to make it better for now I'm going to leave it I will be uploading all my assignments for evaluation . As for my other subjects I think their all going pretty well I hope to be getting good results on them. My drawing abilities have improved a lot more compared to back then I have learn to draw more confidently even with scribble and value to get the distancing from close to further. For my Animation in motion graphics compared to when I first started I've learn to do many other thing which will help me in areas in the future

So far just waiting on my PS3 cable so I can start playing the bloody thing . Hopefully get a place to stay by then and relax course work load isn't the problem just factors I cant control


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